Thursday, January 1, 2009


Lets see. We left to sf at 8am. FOGGY thats all i have to say.
Hit japan town. My brother got a haircut at arty. Stopped by anderson bakery and got creamy french and coffee mmmm.
After that we picked nate (the aussie) up from his hotel blasting dj unk hahaha.
Then off to SFO to pick matt (rogue status) up.
After STUFFING everything in the car we headed back downtown to pick up matt's gf.
Hit Genki to meet up with alex (homeroom) and had lunch.
Good talks and good laughs.
went around and ended up at the homeroom office. Saw some CRAZY samples that will NEVER get released. Good stuff alex hahaha.
Then took everyone back to their hotel and off to oakland airport to pick up my brother
and spend new year at ihop.

Oh yeah and matt when you leave my apartment, dont forget to leave the key on the table!