Saturday, December 6, 2008

12-4-08 & 12-5-08

Then after class what happend was crazy.
So after class last night i was planning on going home (10pm).
I take bart back home.
After class i go back to bart i see some guy tangling his legs on the ledge of where the train comes. WTF ok so i walk by thinking nothing of it. As i stand and wait i was feeling really uneasy about it so i went upstairs and told someone.
Told bart person and he said i dont see him on the camera, go back down stairs and if he is still there call me from the emergency phone.
I got back downstairs he was gone so i walk back to my spot. As i was walking back i see him standing there. Two people talking to him, telling him not to do it and he was saying im jumping once the train comes i dont care anymore and if you guys try to stop me im taking you with me.
I pause. Then speed walk to the emergency phone and tell the dude. No one was taking action and getting help. Very surprised!
As i wait for the bart guy the man walks towards where the train comes out the tunnel. I follow him and if he leaps im taking him out. Im not ready to see guts EVERYWHERE.
Bart guy finally comes down. We both talk him through it (while waiting for police)
Police finally shows up tackles dude and arrest him. Then i leave and was on my way back home. Like nothing happend.
Im the type that usually never acts on anything like this. If i saw it i would have just thought nothing of it and kept walking. But something wasnt feeling right.
Im glad i took action.

Finally back home. A regular day. Home to celebrate my moms bday.